WaStop – A Name to Trust in the Trenches of the Sewage Realm

About this product

Big daddy WaStop is a name to trust in the trenches of the pipe & sewer realms. Designed and engineered in the UK to suit the needs of our customers, the WaStop range is a notch below the top of the range in terms of cost per unit of product and is a surefire winner for quality. The company’s patented, top of the line products are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit your exact specifications.

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WaStop – the newest member of the family

The wastop range is available in a variety of materials and configurations. The Stainless Steel series is particularly useful for sewer and storm/surface water applications.

Designed to be retro-fitted inline with your existing pipes, it can save time and money by reducing installation costs and improving operational efficiency.

In a pinch, it’s also possible to install a WaStop in a confined space with relative ease.

One of the most exciting aspects of the WaStop range is the flexibility it offers. It can be installed at any angle and in virtually any pipe diameter, requiring less head wall tinkering than the proverbial flap valve.

It can be fitted against vertical or horizontal head walls, and if the job requires it is capable of being flanged for a streamlined finish.

With its numerous patented and patent-pending features, the WaStop range is sure to be a hit in your local council’s waste water department.

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